Amy Cote, M.Sc. R.Psych., Clinical Fellow (AAMFT): President

My passion is for families. As I see the ever growing need for prevention and intervention to occur at a systemic level, the need for title protection for our specialized training is becoming increasingly important. I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for the work our volunteer board is contributing to the recognition of MFT in Alberta, as well as the volunteer work which occurs in Canada and at AAMFT central.


I have been honored to work with past and current members of the board and gain from their personal and professional experiences clinically and have learned more about the history of MFT as a profession. I am excited for the current energies of the board and the momentum we are gaining. I am looking forward to the next journey this board begins with any new voices and faces who are ready to join us!

Dr. Heather MacDonald, Ph.D., R.Psych., Clinical Fellow (AAMFT): Treasurer

I have a passion for developing a strong presence of Marriage and Family Therapist across Canadian and in Alberta.  The goal of regulation for our profession is close to my heart and hope as President I would have a chance further our lobby of the Alberta government in pursuit of a college.


I have had the pleasure over the last few years to work with many committee board members.  Our numbers are small however those that give their time have worked diligently in support of our membership.  I am hoping that through a term as president I would have the opportunity to recruit more membership and the privilege to continue working with such a committed group.

Sharon Storton: Secretary


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